Women to Women: A Listening Circle

Foundation & Purpose

Listening Circle The Women to Women program is grounded in a Dominican Spirituality of searching for the truth, a truth that liberates participants to accept their true selves. Dominican pillars of prayer, study, community, and ministry have been the foundation for the development of Women to Women since its beginning in 1988 as the first outreach program of the Spirituality Network.

Women to Women brings women who may be struggling with abuse, addiction, violence, homelessness, and poverty together with volunteer companions who offer reverent listening and nonjudgmental presence. For all participants, these gatherings are sacred moments of healing and hope, moments where differences dissolve and connections are made between the speaker and the listener.

As a woman feels safe to tell her story and feels heard (some for the first time), she begins to experience individual transformation that comes from finding her own wisdom and realizing her own worth. Companions and the women for whom the ministry was designed find mutual acceptance and empower each other in facing life’s challenges.

Foundational Values

Women to Women is founded on some very important and all-encompassing values that we hold dear in any encounter with people and most especially with the women to/with whom we minister. Five fundamental values that we hold as companions and participants in the Women to Women program are:

  1. non-judgmental presence,
  2. listening without “fixing,”
  3. equality, sharing what is common among us, though our experiences may differ,
  4. boundaries are respected and kept, and
  5. acceptance and growth results.

These foundational values become the place of compassion in us that understands, accepts, and companions in the journey of other women, especially those who have yet to discover the value and power of their own unique creation.

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