Arti Gras mask

Arti Gras! Celebration of Art and Spirit


Save the Date: February 10, 2018, Columbus Mennonite Church

Engaging in any creative activity enriches life, and yet most people are intimidated by the very words “art” and “creativity.” Arti Gras! provides a safe, judgment-free space to explore creativity and spirituality. We focus on the creative process rather than on the finished product.

This event offers a wide range of possibilities for exploring the creative elements of the life journey, featuring a menu of mini-workshops that include art journaling, gentle dance/movement, written word and poetry, simple sculpting, paint, mixed media, and collage. This is a grassroots, hands-on experience open to all. Children under the age of 16 are welcome if accompanied by an adult. A fundraising raffle to benefit the Spirituality Network features items such as original works by local artists, handmade quilts, art supplies, books, gift certificates for services, and more.

Arti Gras! is held on the Saturday before Ash Wednesday.