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Arti Gras!

Arti Gras is a one-day event that always takes place on the Saturday before Ash Wednesday. People of varying artistic experience come together to create, learn, and grow spiritually. Arti Gras follows a pilgrimage model, meaning that you travel with the same group of people through four different artistic practices. In other words, you travel in community. The most life-giving communities allow us to lower our defenses and experience an ease of being.  We are present to each other in these communities, safe and vulnerable with each other, and they allow for the breadth of our humanity.  We find the freedom to play together, and discover tremendous respect and appreciation for each other's gifts.  In these communities, we acknowledge the holiness of each person, and give to and receive from each other in the presence of God.

The pilgrim communities of Arti Gras take the fear and perfectionism out of making art, because you know that whatever you do, it will be accepted. More than that, the things you make are a gift to the other people who are traveling with you, full of your insight and spirit. This generosity in art making is what Arti Gras is all about!


Arti Gras! 2019: Nested Meditations

A Pilgrimage through Four Artistic and Spiritual Practices

March 2, 2019, 8:30am–4pm, St. John's Episcopal Church, 700 High St, Worthington

$40 includes buffet lunch and any class materials

All participants will have the shared experience of journeying through these four practices:

Prayer Beads: Crafting our own beads and imbuing them and our future prayers and meditations with meaning.

Writing Nested Meditations: Expanding our understanding one word at a time.

Drum Circle: Adding to the music of our hearts and lives beat by beat and pattern by pattern.

The Body in Prayer: Listening to our breaths, listening to our hearts, and letting our movements grow from the listening.

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