Wellstreams Curriculum

Semesters One and Two: A Year of Spiritual Formation

This first year will provide a foundation in contemplative practices, discernment, deepening self-awareness, and theological reflection.

We will weave together themes to explore:

  • Our spiritual roots through history and across traditions;
  • A survey of prayer and worship practices;
  • Human development; and
  • Spiritual transformation.

The focus of these themes will be centered on these two questions:

  • How does this content speak to my own life of faith?
  • How does this content expand my understanding of the practice of spiritual direction?

Third Semester: Practicum, Themes, and Skills


Themes and Skills

Supervision Introduced

Readings and Discussion

Triads Begin: Five Rounds

Listening Skills


Story Listening and Narrative Theology


Spiritual Direction


Emotional Wisdom

Fourth Semester: Practicum, Themes, and Skills


Themes and Skills

Continued Orientation on Supervision and Outside Directees

Readings and Discussion

Introduction to Code of Ethics

Deepening Listening Skills and Contemplative Practice

Introduction to Process Notes

Enneagram and Spirituality

Begin Work with Outside Directees

New Cosmology and Eco-Spirituality

Introduction to Professional Groups and Peer Supervision

Dreams and Spiritual Direction

Students are responsible for arranging for their own 5–8 day directed retreat to take place over the summer.

Fifth Semester


Themes and Skills

Continued sessions with two outside directees plus one supervision meeting per month


Professional Groups

Readings and Discussion

Participate as a director in a Busy Person’s Retreat

Discernment and Life Transitions

Continued Discernment

Group Spiritual Direction


Symbols, Archetypes, and Creativity in Spiritual Direction

Sixth Semester


Optional a la Carte

Mental Health and Spiritual Direction

Topics to be determined

Preparing for Spiritual Direction Practice


Creating Ritual


Ritual of Celebration for graduates will take place end of the sixth semester. Date to be determined.