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The Spirituality Network came to be from a simple awareness of great poverty—a poverty of spirit—my own and that of so many around me.…I discovered in so many the same spiritual thirst that I had identified in myself. It was a thirst for the God of Life, for the God who breaks into the ‘everyday-ness’ of life and shows us the ‘something more’ we are called to be.

~ From the foreword by Sr. Noreen Malone, OP for Drawn to the Living Water: Twenty Years of Spiritual Discovery



The Spirituality Network was envisioned by Noreen Malone, OP, as an interfaith outreach to address the "Thirst for the God of Life." This vision was adopted by the Dominican Congregation of St. Mary of the Springs as a pilot project. The Spirituality Network began with the donated services of a director.


The first Women's Awareness Program was conducted in Scioto County; later the Women-to-Women program was held at the St. John/Holy Rosary Family Resource Center in Columbus (1990) and the Faith Mission (1995).


The Spirituality Network was incorporated as a not-for-profit 501(c)3 entity, governed by a board of trustees.


Wellstreams, a training program in spiritual direction, began.
The Network offices moved to 762 East Main Street.


Christine Amy was hired as Executive Director.
First Wellstreams class graduated 17 students.


Amanda Stone Cushing was hired as Program Coordinator.
The Network moved to its current home in First Congregational Church.


First Annual Arti Gras! Celebration of Art and Spirit featured Phyllis Cole-Dai and "The Art of Being Present."


Patricia J. Gibboney was hired as executive director.


The Spirituality Network celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a program by Edwina Gateley, "Celebrating the Journey."


20th anniversary year concluded with "A Concert for Peace" by Phyllis Cole-Dai and the publication of "Drawn to the Living Water: Twenty Years of Spiritual Discovery" by Wayne Rapp, Rick Hatem, and Anne Rapp.


Publication of Blessing upon Blessing: A Book of Blessings by Maxine Shonk, OP


Circle of Friends established. The Network partnered with Always We Begin Again, a ministry for people with chronic disease and those who support them.


The Network celebrated its contemplative roots at its 25th Anniversary with a program by Diana Butler Bass: “Christianity After Religion: Exploring the Future of Faith.”
Establishment of the Solidarity Fund in honor of Network founder Noreen Malone, OP
Publication of Silver Linings: Blessings for Shadow Times by Maxine Shonk, OP


The Network invited by Metropolitan Area Church Council to take over coordination of the Living Faith Awards.


The Network began a discernment process to reimagine its future.


15th year of Arti Gras! Celebration of Art and Spirit


Rev. Dr. Renee P. Wormack-Keels becomes executive director.

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Our Logo

spirituality network logo

In the early days of The Spirituality Network, Sr. Noreen Malone, O.P. received a photograph from Liz Kaercher. The photo depicts a quiet pond with radiating ripples moving across the water. Sr. Noreen immediately saw in it the symbol of The Spirituality Network. In 2007, Sandra Kerka developed our newest version of the rippling water for our logo and Board Member Barbara Davis wrote the following narrative to further express our deep connection to the image of flowing water, of ripples, and of depth. pond image

Water is life-giving.
Water unifies all of life.
Water is a symbol of movement of The Spirit.

Just as there are many ways that water can be identified—a lake, an ocean, a stream, a river,—so there are many manifestations of Spirit in our lives and our world.

The Spirituality Network began in 1986 with the belief that we are all thirsting for the living waters of God.

We believe that a constant stream of the Holy flows through all our searching.

Throughout our first 20 years, The Spirituality Network has become a vessel for those who seek the thirst-quenching waters of spiritual growth.

We invite seekers to wade into the water to discover the many ways in which God is present in their lives: through spiritual direction, programs, and education.

As awareness and insights grow, a ripple effect begins, flowing outward into the community in the form of service and deepening acceptance of others.