Get Involved

The Spirituality Network has a strong legacy of volunteer power that has been the foundation of its success for almost 25 years. Many people are unaware that the current staff is part time; only with the support of volunteers does the day-to-day operation function at a full-time basis.

There are endless ways to get involved. Some provide a one-time opportunity whereas others are short term or ongoing for a limited time, such as a committee membership. You can lend professional skills, talents, and experience to help strengthen the organization. You can share your gifts, your vision, and your ideas by getting involved.

You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing, there will be no results. Gandhi

Get involved with the Spirituality Network.

1. Write for the newsletter:

  • book or music reviews
  • reflections
  • poetry

Contact: Sandra Kerka

2. Present a workshop or program

Contact: Amanda Cushing, 614/228-8867 or e-mail

3. Provide office support (e.g., mailings) or technical assistance with computer software/hardware

Contact: Pat Gibboney, 614/228-8867 or e-mail

4. Join a committee:

  • Programs
  • Development
  • PR/Marketing
  • Finance

Contact: Pat Gibboney, 614/228-8867 or e-mail

5. Join a listening circle:

6. Volunteer at events such as Arti Gras

Contact: Amanda Cushing, 614/228-8867 or e-mail

7. Be an ambassador for the Network and bring friends to programs and events