26th Annual Living Faith Awards
Thursday, May 25, 2017
Jewish Community Center, 1125 College Avenue, Columbus

Living (v) faith: the act of living in and through one’s faith
Living (adj.) faith: a dynamic, growing faith, that is not static or stagnant.

The Spirituality Network is pleased to present the Living Faith Awards. As a multifaith organization, the Spirituality Network aspires to be a community of acceptance and inclusion. We seek to create hope, peace, and purpose in our community. We are pleased to honor individuals who create a more hopeful, peaceful, and faithful world.

We know that there are countless expressions of faith in action in our world. Nominees for the Living Faith Award are those laypersons who exemplify dynamic faith in their lives. As you consider who would make a good candidate for this award, we encourage you to look for one whose faith is both “lived” and “alive” in ways that inspire, challenge, and serve.  Consider those who embody any or all of the following values:

  • Peacemaking…In their own homes, their life work and/or in the community
  • Tending to the “least of these”…Visiting the sick or imprisoned, feeding the hungry, giving shelter to the homeless
  • Caring for creation…Creating sustainability and being a good steward of God’s creation
  • Loving neighbor AND self…Reaching across divisions in our culture and community to honor common ground; caring for oneself in addition to caring for others

In addition to the Living Faith Awards, we present awards in these special categories:

  • The Alvin R. Hadley Social Justice Award: This award is given in recognition of exemplary work in the field of social justice. These nominees will have engaged in efforts giving voice to the voiceless, and/or seeking access to basic civil and human rights for all, and/or working toward changing unjust laws and practices.
  • The Interfaith/Multicultural Award: This award recognizes an individual of another culture and/or of another faith tradition who exemplifies the best of that tradition and creates bridges of understanding and acceptance.
  • Hope for Tomorrow Award: This award will be given to a young adult, aged 18–30, who lives his or her faith through service, leadership, and personal integrity.

Past Award Recipients (PDF) >

photo: LFA 2016 recipients left to right (standing)—Tom Helber, Rev. Dr. Richard Wing, Dr. Katelin Hansen, Sarah Leonard, Fr. Vinny McKiernan, Dr. Jefferey Kee, Richard Gehman, Jed Dearing, Shawn Fitzpatrick, OP, Bob Adrion (son of awardee Dr. William Adrion), Steve Bosserman; seated—Don Sexton (photo by Dan Schleppi)

2016 Living Faith Awards recipients