Living Faith Awards

Living (v) faith: the act of living in and through one’s faith
Living (adj.) faith: a dynamic, growing faith, that is not static or stagnant.

The Spirituality Network is pleased to present the Living Faith Awards. As a multifaith organization, the Spirituality Network aspires to be a community of acceptance and inclusion. We seek to create hope, peace, and purpose in our community. We are pleased to honor individuals who create a more hopeful, peaceful, and faithful world.

Save the Date: May 24, 2018, Jewish Community Center

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2017 Living Faith Awards Recipients

front: Rick Delaney, Carol Ann Spencer, OP, Marjorie McFadden, Nimet Alpay, Dick Dawson, Paul M. Herbert; back: Quentin Monden, Weldon Abels, Lamar Graham, Robert Lentz, Beth Stock, Sean Patrick2017 LFA recipients