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Blessing Books by Maxine Shonk, OP

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Blessing upon Blessing coverBlessing upon Blessing offers 150 blessings that readers are invited to take into their own hearts and then in turn to bestow on others. $12 + shipping/handling.

May the God of JOY be with you, bringing delight at the very thought of your place in God’s creation. May you be thrilled by God’s presence in your life and may your heart overflow with gladness and song as you celebrate the nearness of such a lover. May song burst from your heart in grateful praise and ever surround you as you reach out to others in love. May the God of JOY bless you.

from Blessing upon Blessing. Copyright ©2010 by The Spirituality Network, Inc. & Maxine Shonk, OP


Silver Linings coverSilver Linings: Blessings for Shadow Times includes 110 blessings that offer hope, comfort, and peace for anyone struggling through difficult times. $12 + shipping/handling.

May God who knows your GRIEF bless you with the gradual awareness that there is no dying that cannot be transformed into life beyond imagining. May God rise and be revealed to you in your loss just as surely as the flower emerges from the dying seed and the butterfly from the abandoned cocoon. May this ever faithful God be with you and gently stir hope into your grieving. May the FAITHFUL GOD bless you.   

from Silver Linings. Copyright ©2012 by The Spirituality Network, Inc. & Maxine Shonk, OP

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Blessing upon Blessing

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Silver Linings

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Drawn to the Living Water: Twenty Years of Spiritual DiscoveryLiving Water cover

by Wayne Rapp, Rick Hatem, and Anne Rapp

In a story wrapped around a story, a woman, searching for a more meaningful relationship with the God of Life, finds kindred souls as she is introduced to The Spirituality Network.

Founded by Dominican sister Noreen Malone, the organization has evolved into an ecumenical group of searchers and believers providing resources to foster spiritual growth. For 27 years, The Spirituality Network has been a companion on the journey of those who, like the Psalmist, "thirst for the God of Life" (Ps 42).

The impact of the Spirituality Network comes alive in this account of those who believed in the vision and worked to bring it about.

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