Spiritual Direction

Aka: Spiritual Guidance, Spiritual Companionship, Spiritual Mentoring, Anam Cara

The glory of God is a human being fully alive; and to be alive consists in beholding God. ~ St. Irenaeus

Spiritual Direction fosters deepened understanding of what it means to be a human being fully alive while expanding one’s capacity to behold God.

spiritual directionThe name Spiritual Direction itself can be misleading because there is very little if any directing. Over the course of centuries, the practice has evolved to become more aptly described in recent years as a companion, or guide, for the spiritual journey.

The process typically occurs in confidential one-on-one sessions once per month for about an hour. The director will provide a safe and inviting environment for you to give voice to your questions, wonderings, hopes, and longings. Your director listens deeply and reflects prayerfully with you helping discover the ways that God is inviting you to be more fully alive and more freely compassionate toward yourself, others, and all of creation. Your spiritual director will hold your story in sacred confidence and you will feel the blessing of being heard.

Spiritual direction provides avenues to your own intrinsic wisdom so that you can become the most authentic expression of who God created you to be. The world is hungry for authentic people sharing their God-given gifts in the service of justice, peace, and compassion.

Referral Service

The Spirituality Network maintains a referral listing of spiritual directors, all of whom are experienced and well trained in this ministry. The directors are men and women, lay and ordained, from a variety of denominational backgrounds. All of the spiritual directors on our referral listing must meet these criteria:

  • Have completed a recognized training program in Spiritual Direction that includes a supervised practicum
  • Are in spiritual direction themselves
  • Participate in peer supervision

Call to learn more or to schedule an initial interview: 614/228-8867. We ask for a freewill donation for this service.


If you are interested in becoming a spiritual director, learn about the Wellstreams Training Program >