spiritual formation

Wellstreams Program of Spiritual Formation and Training in the Art of Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction, also known as spiritual guidance, spiritual companionship, or spiritual mentoring, is a practice of holy attentiveness offering a safe and sacred space to explore and deepen one’s connection with The Divine. This practice is rooted in the belief that each individual has their own inherent wisdom and their own unique relationship with the Source of All Creation.

The Wellstreams Program is designed to foster discernment and provide education for those who feel called to the practice of spiritual direction. This two-phase, 3-year certificate program offers participants a balanced combination of academic, experiential, and practical learning while finding common ground through deep community.

Phase One

Phase One is a year (from August to June) of spiritual formation and deepening in community. This first phase provides foundations in contemplative practices, theological reflection, and understanding psychological and spiritual development. Our focus during this first phase centers on deepening self-awareness as we explore the foundations of our traditions and beliefs. This year ends with a group retreat to discern readiness for Phase Two. Classes will meet on one or two Saturdays per month, plus one or two Tuesday evenings per month, September–June.

Phase Two

Phase Two runs over the course of four semesters and is composed of a supervised practicum along with continued instruction. In this phase, along with continued development of contemplative practice, our focus is on recognizing and claiming one’s gifts for spiritual companionship as we work to develop specific skills needed for this ministry. We address themes of listening skills, emotional intelligence, spiritual health, and deepening awareness of the presence and action of The Spirit. (See Curriculum for specific topics.) Classes will meet one evening per week plus two Saturdays per semester from August to June with time off for holidays.

  • The practicum begins with one semester of triad work in class, followed by meeting with two outside directees each month for a full year. This includes individual supervision monthly as well as continued instruction in weekly classes.
  • The final semester includes opportunities for optional courses offered “a la carte” in addition to several practical workshops to prepare for independent spiritual direction practice.

The program concludes with a celebration of completion where we present the graduates with their certificates.