Wellstreams Program of Spiritual Formation and Training in the Art of Spiritual Direction

The Wellstreams Program is designed to foster discernment and provide education for those who feel called to the practice of spiritual direction. This two-phase, 3-year certificate program offers participants a balanced combination of academic, experiential, and practical learning while finding common ground through deep community.

Since 1996, more than 150 individuals have completed Wellstreams. Some of the many ways our graduates have used their Wellstreams training:

  • Provide spiritual direction individually and in groups
  • Offer retreat leadership and small group formation
  • Deepen expressions of worship and faith
  • Enhance skills and presence in caring professions
  • Discover greater health in personal relationships
  • Discover greater inner freedom to bring more compassion to the world

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Wellstreams has been my weekly “oasis.” Regardless of the way the rest of my life was going, I looked forward to class time because I knew I would be welcomed, accepted, and surrounded by love. Wellstreams was the place where the personal relationships with God and myself were nurtured and encouraged to grow.

Jacquelyn Dean

The Wellstreams experience for me was one of deep, lifelong transformation that erupted in the midst of traumatic encounters of being human that I might learn to listen with others in search of the blessing of God in their lives. In Wellstreams I learned more than just the beginning skills of spiritual direction. I learned how to love again, love myself for the sake of God.

Dave Boling

I entered the Wellstreams Program with great anticipation of the spiritual knowledge I would gain. I am leaving the program with the stunned realization that spiritual growth, as well as the art of spiritual direction, is not accomplished as much by gain as by loss—and that these two and one-half years have been mostly about letting go and letting God.

Sharry Hoch

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