Women to Women

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Retreat at Dominican AcresThe Women to Women program is a listening ministry offered in partnership with volunteers and community service agencies that:

  • Provides opportunities for women to share their stories in a safe place
  • Fosters reverent listening and nonjudgmental presence
  • Helps women identify their capacity to be a listening presence
  • Empowers women to break the cycles of abuse, violence, homelessness, and poverty
  • Mentors and connects women who wish to form volunteer listening teams

Women to Women offers women an opportunity to join together for support, information, and empowerment by connecting in small groups around common concerns and strengthening each other’s unique gifts.┬áConnecting women who may be struggling with abuse, addiction, violence, homelessness, and poverty with women who have the capacity to listen and to share a sense of presence has proved an effective means of empowerment and blessing for all.

Women to Women listening programs are offered at six locations around the Columbus area (see Locations page >). Training and mentoring are provided for new companions to become familiar with the program’s mission and to gain an understanding of the program’s foundational values for participating in a listening circle.

If you are interested in being involved with Women to Women, please call 614/330-0985 or visit our Contact Us > page and send us a message.

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