Spiritual Direction

Also known as: Spiritual Guidance ~ Spiritual Companionship ~ Soul Care

The name Spiritual Direction itself can be misleading because there is very little if any directing.  Through the centuries, this practice has evolved while keeping the ancient name. By whatever name you call it, it is deeply healing, prayerful listening that always points you toward your Source of All Life.

This confidential process occurs in one-on-one sessions once per month for about an hour. The director will provide a safe and inviting environment for you to give voice to your questions, wonderings, hopes, and longings. Your director listens deeply and reflects prayerfully with you, helping discover the ways that you are being invited to greater wholeness. As you deepen your connection to your Source, you become more fully alive and more freely compassionate toward yourself, others and all of creation. Spiritual direction opens avenues to your own inner wisdom so that you can become the most authentic expression of who you were created to be.

Each spiritual director is self-employed and will discuss their fee and scheduling policies at your initial meeting. (The range is $25 - $100 per session.)

The world is hungry for authentic people sharing their deep gifts in the service of justice, peace, and compassion.

Referral Service

It is important that you feel well-matched with your spiritual director. To take the guess work out of the process of finding a good match, we offer in-person referral interviews. We ask for a free will donation for this service.

The referral session will allow us to offer several (1-3) good potential directors for you, based on your needs. If spiritual direction is new to you, we will also cover what to expect and how to interview your potential directors.

All of the directors on our referral list are experienced and well-trained. They are men and women, lay and ordained, representing a variety of spiritual traditions. All of them have their own spiritual director, engage in peer supervision and abide by the Ethical Guidelines of Spiritual Directors International.

Call to learn more or to schedule a referral interview: 614/228-8867.

If you are interested in becoming a spiritual director, learn about the Wellstreams training program.